It broke headlines recently that Hawaii had received a missile threat. Within the hour, the threat proved to be false. However, to locals living on the island, that hour was the most vulnerable they had ever been. The people of Hawaii were left confused, frantic with a tainted perception of what life would be from that moment on. They felt unprotected and their hearts grew weary. 

Even though I can’t begin to fathom what being in that situation would feel like, I know what it is like to be completely vulnerable.  I know what it is like to walk through life and be hit with a high alert that changes my perception of what I believe for the next day. I know what it’s like for the pressure of the situation, let alone the situation itself, to be seemingly too heavy to carry. I know what it is like to be overwhelmed in emotion to the point where thinking clearly is far out of reach. There are times when we walk along in life and are hit unexpectedly with threats of our very own, from our life, to our family, maybe our job, sometimes our friends, or our relationships and even our finances. These threats leave not only us vulnerable to the thoughts of what’s to come but our hearts vulnerable to the emotions that come with them.

 Last week at Flawless, Jen spoke to us about having a pure heart. She opened our eyes to the fact that having a pure heart may mean having to reject what things try to come and taint our faith, and realign some things in our hearts to what God has promised us. For those in Hawaii once they had found out the truth, they had to reject those fears because safety was established. They had to realign their minds to the understanding the false alarm could not harm them. We has Christians are called to do the same thing. When we reject those false alarms and find truth in His promises regardless of the situation going on around or within us, we allow God to reveal Himself to us in one of His truest forms; our protector. He is the one who can handle the situation, but it is our place to guard our own hearts from the fears, doubts, worries, insecurities and assumptions that come, knowing that He is the one who is in control of it all. We can find this to be true in scripture.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
— Proverbs 4:23

Those in Hawaii still may be winding down from all that has happened, but it wasn't until they found out the truth that they had peace. Just like them, we have found truth and that truth is in Jesus. So when we guard our hearts from the thoughts and emotions that come to contaminate the purity of our faith, love and trust in Jesus that has developed in our hearts, we are able to see Him work on our behalf. In doing that, our hearts remain pure in faith, love and His direction. No matter how high of an alert comes our way, because we know the truth, we have the ability to guard our hearts as we rely on God to protect us.  I encourage you whatever false alarms, past hurts, unhealed areas, insecurities, fear, doubt or confusion has come to contaminate the purity of your heart, allow God to work in those areas. As vulnerable as you may feel, when we seek God in that vulnerability, he can purify our hearts and reveal truth. He’ll reveal things in us that we might not even known were there! Your heart is full of pure gems, let them shine!


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