Finding Your Niche


As I sit at soccer practice for one child; texting and planning my other sons Cub Scouts outing for this weekend, I’m reminded of how as parents we love to give ours kids different opportunities to experience new things. We hope that eventually they find their niche, their jam, something they can connect with, enjoy, pursue and what partially will define their path.  My boys are 7 and 8 and we’ve tried tons of things. Some they’ve liked, others were ok and some were a definite no!  But we’ve yet to find that “sweet spot”. So we just keep trying new things!

As I see the smile of this little 7 year old soccer player, ear to ear, goofy with excitement, I know he’s found his place on the soccer field. As I hear my 8 year old say with the utmost pride that he is a Cub Scout and he’s going to Adventure Weekend, my heart is filled with joy that they are finding their niche!

The same goes for us ladies. So many times I hear ladies say they don’t know where they fit in the church or where to serve or they don’t know what they’re good at. Maybe it’s just a matter of trying new things until you find the one that clicks for you. Don’t give up if something isn’t your jam, but try something else, keep trying until you have that smile, that sense of excitement and pride knowing you are right where you’re supposed to be! 

God wants you to try new things, He gives us this opportunity to gain knowledge, new experiences and moments with others. But he ultimately wants us to land where we sport that ear to ear smile, that goofy excitement to serve and that love to be there. Because when you and I find that place, we will soar and flourish into the purpose God has for us! Keeping going, you’ll find your niche!

– Jenn