The Comeback


I can honestly say that the last three months of the year are my favorite. Some people might argue that the beginning of the year is better because it just started and is full of possibilities. I believe that how we end something is more important than how we start something. How many of us have started the year with “New Year’s Resolutions” that lasted maybe a week or two or maybe you were among the few that kept yours. I don’t do resolutions because I never keep them and because I have always believed the end is more crucial than the beginning. For me 2018 has been the most tumultuous year, full of the highest peaks and lowest valleys. Now that we’re at the end of this year I’m full of hope and expectation knowing that God is going to do amazing things.

I’m sure there’s at least a few NFL fans out there and there’s probably a few Patriots fans out there so this one is for you. I only watch the Super Bowl so for me the most memorable 4th quarter comeback would be 2017; the Patriots started it with a 19 point deficit, but guess what they won the game. As you can probably relate in your own life sometimes you start out one way and end up in a completely different place in the end. I can’t think of a better demonstration than Saul. We see Saul in Acts 9 on a mission ordained by the high priest to capture and arrest any followers of the Way. If we skip pass his encounter with Jesus to Acts 9:15-16 we come to Jesus speaking with Ananias about how Saul will be a messenger for the Lord. The Lord Yahweh answered him, “Arise and go! I have chosen this man to be my special messenger. He will be brought before kings, before many nations, and before the Jewish people to give them the revelation of who I am. And I will show him how much he is destined to suffer because of his passion for me.” TPT By verse 29 he’s openly debating with the Jews about the gospel, so in one chapter Saul had a major 4th quarter comeback.

What’s this all mean for us? It’s the end of the year and I believe that if we press in and give our best to God we too can experience a comeback. These last 3 months of the year can be filled with blessings, peace and hope for our lives and family. So besides the pumpkin spiced everything, the exciting holidays rapidly approaching us, let’s focus on God getting the glory for our 4th quarter victory dance. Here comes the comeback.

– Teaka