June 16, 2019

To My Destiny Young People,

Although I am writing to hundreds of you collectively, but in my mind’s eyes and in my heart I see your individual faces…I can hear your personal stories of pain, hurt, and victories. For many of you I have had the honor of watching you grow up, running around church, and now stepping into the great call your Heavenly Father has for you. You are God’s gift, you are God’s legacy and maybe some of you have heard something different like you’re a burden, problem etc.…I am writing you today like as if you’re my own children…I love you, believe in you, and everyday fight for you!

This year I want to impart one word into you and that word is “SIGNIFICANCE” it means important, to have high value, and be in want! My hope for you today is that each and every day you walk in this, you are important, valued, and in want! You may feel like you dad didn’t want you but your Heavenly Father desires your company everyday…He audaciously loves you and values you.

In my 20+ years of ministry I have seen young people walk in INSECURITY because they never had someone of significance build their security and build their dreams. You all have wonderful mothers and they are the real heroes, but today I want to let you know that this will be the last day you will live with insecurity in your heart. You have a great church that’s committed to building you, your dreams, and your future.

Finally, I want you to know my heart…I was raised with a dad that was there but emotionally absent from my life. That led to a lifestyle that brought pain to my life, family, and others. Once I realized that God would fill that void in my life I ran to Him. Now today, years later I have a relationship with my dad, and an awesome relationship with my Heavenly Father. I want to encourage you today that just because your dad maybe absent from your life doesn’t mean God is or His church. We are here, I am here, our Pastors are here and WE BELIEVE IN YOU! Your best days are ahead of you and I am honored to have a front row seat and see it. I am honored to be your pastor, and to many your spiritual father. I pray that my life will reflect the goodness of God on yours and together we can change generations to come…You’re the Best!