The Garage is the junior high ministry of Destiny church. Serving students from grade 5 to grade 8, the Garage is a place to hang and learn what an authentic relationship with Jesus looks like. We believe that life is never meant to be done alone, so the moment a junior high student joins the Garage, they become part of a Tribe; other junior high students just like them. Every week, they’ll meet with their Tribes to talk about what’s going on in their world, and how Jesus can help. The Garage is also jam-packed with fun games, powerful worship, and relevant bible teaching. Our mission is to meet young people right where they’re at, and move them to where God wants their lives to be.


Check In

You're student's safety is important to us. When you arrive at any of our campuses, our check-in team will be there to assist you and your student in getting registered and all set for service. If at any time we need you, we'll flash a unique number on our screens for you to come meet us in student ministry. 



Every time a student joins us in the Garage they become a part of a Tribe. This is a group of other students the same age, to do small group with, and also compete in our Tribe Wars. Tribe Wars are games designed throughout the year to promote healthy teamwork and relationships. Tribes and their volunteer leaders also meet on Sundays during service to discuss life and what an authentic relationship with Jesus looks like.


Worship Experience

We believe in the power of the praise and worship in the Garage. Every junior high gathering is designed to allow students to connect with God in a powerful way. Our goal is to teach young people the importance of worship and how much God loves us.



The House is our weekly high school gathering at Destiny on Wednesday nights.  Much more than a youth ministry, we believe that the issues and challenges that high school students face today are straightforward. In the same way, our mission is to show young people that Jesus is not an idea or a concept, but He’s a real friend and Someone to follow. We believe that God’s love is real, relentless and radical! Our services are not your traditional church gathering, and we design them in a way to draw young people in and then lift young people up. We aim to show high school students how to be passionate about worship, driven by God’s word, and aware of their worth.


The House is there to attract young people from all walks of life. From the moment you walk in, you'll feel the music, see the lights, and experience the people of the House. Our worship experience is loud and active, and our teaching is relevant and straight to the point. We design each service to meet young people where they're at, and move them to where God wants them to be. 



Throughout the week, our youth and young adults meet in small groups called Tribes. Our mission is for every high school in our area, there would be a Tribe. Before your student heads to school, we've set a part a day of the week where they can meet with their leaders, hang out with their friends, and start the day with a prayer and positivity. 




With The House reaching so many students every week, we take security very serious. Our amazing team is there every week to serve your students and keep them safe. This includes helping in our drop off area, and making sure each student is picked up before heading home.