Reentry plan

Current Phase: Phase 1

A message from our Senior Pastor

Hello Destiny ,

What a year we experienced in 2020. Since the beginning we have been focused on two things “Your Safety & spiritual vitality” and over the last months as we moved from online only to outdoor services our goal was getting people accustomed and reacclimated to meeting together again. When this pandemic hit we created a plan and followed through with it. The Bible says in Proverbs‬ ‭16:9‬… “A man’s heart plans his way, But its the LORD that directs our steps.” And surely He’s been directing them.

Now that were at that stage again for another transition from us having outdoor services to indoors here’s our plan that we want to share with you.

We’re excited to announce that Our East and West Campuses will open up Sunday April 25 and our South Bay a week later Sunday May 2, 2021. We are 100% committed to our Physical Locations as well as our Online Campus. Our online campus will continue to grow and expand as our Physical locations have. But now it’s time reenter back into our buildings and will do it  in 4 Phases:


Phase 1

Our first Phase will consist of us reentering our building with 50% capacity doing multiple services in which you can choose to come, 9AM & 11AM. There will be no kids or student church. 

During this phase we will be retraining our Dream Team and reacclimating our teams working together indoors. Just like schools how they started their first phase in a hybrid style we are doing the same, preparing and rebuilding tolerances and confidence levels with our teams.


Phase 2

Our second phase will move us from 50% capacity to 75% Our kids church will open up with 1st – 5th grade so we can keep our contact between kids and and volunteers as minimal as possible therefore there will be no nursery, toddlers, preschool and Kindergarten. Our students will begin to meet in small groups settings on campus.


Phase 3

Our third phase will move us  from 75% capacity to 90%. Our kids church will add pre-K and kindergarten.

Phase 4

Our final phase will be that we would move to 100% capacity and the kids church will open up fully.


Each phase will be decided by the Campus Pastors and Leads at their discretion of where their campuses training and comfort levels lie.


Our goal has always been building people’s tolerance and comfort level. Traveling to different campuses each week I have seen it with my own eyes. We are definitely on our way to becoming normal.


With that said we all have our preferences but one thing the scriptures often teaches us is that our preferences can often be a hinderance or even a stumbling block to others. It’s why I believe that Jesus chose “Love your neighbor as you love yourself’ as one of the greatest commandments beside “Loving God with all you Heart” So with that I want to talk to you about “Your Neighbors”!


I’m thankful that today I’m healthy with no existing conditions but I can’t say that about all people I know and all the people that attend Destiny at one of our locations. And that’s why as a Team we decided reentering into our buildings we would all wear a mask at all times for the time being. I know it may not be your PREFERENCE but it is our POLICY… Listen if i have to wear a mask being as healthy as I am so that someone who comes in with an existing condition feels comfortable I AM ALL FOR THAT. I want them to experience Jesus and His church like I would. Thats what should matter to us…that I choose PEOPLE over PREFERENCE and at Destiny it’s what we’ve been all about.


I’m thrilled to tell you that as of April 13 there were only 3 people in the COVID unit at Desert. With people being vaccinated and people who already carrying the antibodies we are seeing the comfort level rise. In stores and at restaurants just the other day I was at IW and everyone was sitting outside in 98 degree weather even though indoor seating was available. There was nobody seated inside I believe It was their mindset still trying to acclimate indoors. It’s going to take time for all of us to build up our tolerances and comfort levels. Some of you may be further along the way than others but remember we’re in this all together.


Destiny, I want Thank you for your dedication of being the hands and feet of Jesus and allowing us to lead you the best way we know how. It’s been a ride and the train is about to take off again April 25 in the Coachella Valley and May 2 in the Southbay. I am looking forward to an incredible ride again I love you and I absolutely love being your Senior Pastor.



Pastor Obed Martinez